Where we’ve been so far . . .

I finally found the website that lets you plug in where you’ve visited and it pops up in a colorful map.

So, of course, I had to create one for our RV travels.

We decided when we started out that we must stay at least one night in the state in order for it to be checked off on our map.  We also decided we couldn’t count states we’ve been to without the RV. 

So, here goes:

Visited States Map




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We are a full-time RV traveling family of six. We embarked on our traveling journey in August of 2012 and we see no end in sight. Our goal is to encourage other families to take the leap and experience life "outside the box".

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  1. Dairys Friend says:

    What do you do about mail? How often do you go “back home”? One of my biggest concerns is that I will miss a lot of my grand child’s life (he’ll be a year next month). How did your boys first react. We have one that is excited and the other one just started high school and is leary. We are seriously contemplating this.

    • ChaosNest says:

      Thank you so much for your questions. I will be addressing them in future blog posts. These are all questions and concerns we, and others, had/have and I want to get our experiences and input out there to help others.

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